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Researchers at Bath Spa University are conducting research into return to work interventions for people suffering from chronic pain conditions (e.g. back pain). The study has been approved by the College of Liberal Arts Research Committee at Bath Spa University.

We are keen to find out about people’s experience of being signed off work. As part of this study, we are asking workers aged 18 and over, who have some experience (currently, or in the past) of being signed off work due to chronic pain to take part in an interview to tell us about their experience of return to work process.

In addition, we are interested in experience of employees managing sick-leave for their employees, and in views from the occupational therapists’ and occupational health physicians’ perspective of the current UK return to work interventions for patients with chronic pain.

Our research aims to add to the evaluation and improvement of some return to work practices that are likely to contribute to well-being and safe return to work (if and when it is appropriate). We really hope that you will take part in this study.